High strength compact chain for mining


Mining high-tensile compact chain - flat chain

The mining compact chain can replace the same nominal diameter of circular-ring chains that are commonly used at present, without transformation of the original scraper conveyor.


Mining high-tensile compact chain - forged chain

The mining high-strength compact chains produced by Gelin can meet dimension and all the mechanical performance requirements of MT/T 929 and DIN 2225 standards as well as the standards formulated by engineering technicians of Gelin ( Q/GLLT48001-2012x Q/GLLT48002-2019).


Mining high-tensile circular - ultra-flat chain

Ultra-flat chains are used for mining scrapers. Such chains are flatter than standard compact chains (flat chains). Ultra-flat chains enable existing conveyors' ordinary compact chains (flat chains) or circular-ring chains to be upgraded to one or two higher specifications of ultra-flat chains. For example, the height of the vertical ring of 42X146 ultra-flat chain is the same as that of 38X137 circular-ring chain and 34X126 circular-ring chain. In such a way, they can replace each other, and upgrading is realized.


Mining high-tensile round link chains

Products are mainly made of alloy steel. We strictly control the quality of raw materials and strictly monitor each stage and each link of the chain production process to control the quality of each production link. The Company produces a variety and complete grades of products. Chains suitable for the operation field are selected according to customers' demands and the actual situation. The quality of mining chains of Gelin Company has been recognized by all customers!





Our company can produce three series and multiple varieties of high-strength circular chain, compact chain, slag chain, continuous chain, mining car three-ring chain, hoisting chain, marine chain, Fishing chains, hoisting chains and accessories for various slings...

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