Chain assembly


Assembly of twin inboard chain

These products are widely used in mining, thermal power, agriculture, metallurgy and other industries that use scraper conveyors. According to the relevant technical requirements and according to the customer's choice, in various chain assemblies, the mechanical properties, dimensions and the size of the chains used in the chain assembly of ordinary circular chain, compact chain, slag chain or wear-resistant circular chain can be installed. Technical parameters can be referenced according to these chain performance catalogs.


Assembly of twin side chain

The double-chain assembly kit used for the scraper of the EBZ260A cantilever type roadheader is the most commonly produced 22X86-7C with a length of 602 mm. According to GB/T12718 and DIN22252 standards, it is specially equipped with a C-class circular ring chain. Equipped with wear-resistant scrapers, the matching length of the chain can also be freely selected by customers according to their needs.


Assembly of twin inboard compact chain with complete scraper

Assembly of various grades of compact chains in accordance with DIN22252, GB12718, MT/T929 standards from ∅26X92 to ∅48X152 and other specifications.


Assembly of twin inboard wide-belt chain in complete scraper

Chains in line with DIN22252, MT/T929,Ø38X137,Ø42X146, Ø48X152 and more, with specially designed scrapers or custom-made scrapers according to the actual needs of users.


Widely applied practically Connection mode of Compact chains and wide-belt chains (vertical connetcion)

The precise assembly of any type of chain is critical to the successful operation of the conveyor. The chains produced by Gelin are used in pairs, which ensures that the scrapers are parallel to each other and can run stably in the middle groove. The end of the paired chain has an exclusive logo, please refer to the "Instruction Manual" for installation and use.





Our company can produce three series and multiple varieties of high-strength circular chain, compact chain, slag chain, continuous chain, mining car three-ring chain, hoisting chain, marine chain, Fishing chains, hoisting chains and accessories for various slings...

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