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Assembly of twin inboard chain

These products are widely used in mining, thermal power, agriculture, metallurgy and other industries that use scraper conveyors. According to the relevant technical requirements and according to the customer's choice, in various chain assemblies, the mechanical properties, dimensions and the size of the chains used in the chain assembly of ordinary circular chain, compact chain, slag chain or wear-resistant circular chain can be installed. Technical parameters can be referenced according to these chain performance catalogs.


Chain assembly

Product Details

Manufacturing Standards

Gelin's high-strength compact chains for mining conform to the dimensions and mechanical performance requirements of MT/929, DIN 2225, and other standards. And the standards set by Gelin Engineering and Technicians:

Q/GLLT48001-2012, Q/GLLT48002-2019.

Scope of application

Gelin's medium and double chain components are mainly used for scraper transportation equipment for fully mechanized mining, general mining, combined mining, and tunneling in coal mines.



The middle double chain assembly is the core device of the scraper conveying equipment. The double chain assembly can be the double chain assembly of the mining high-strength circular chain, or the double-chain assembly of the mining high-strength compact chain. Commonly used general mining, combined mining and tunneling conveying devices all use circular chain double-chain components. A scraper machine that adopts circular chain or compact connection that conforms to MT/929, DIN2225, GB12718, DIN22252, Q/GLLT48001-2012, Q/GLLT48002-2019 and related industry standards, and is equipped with high-quality wear-resistant alloy material for drilling A combination of jam nuts, E-bolts, or other similar platen bolts. It has the characteristics of high precision, reasonable structure, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.


    • Medium and double chain assembly

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