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Since its foundation, Jiangsu Gelin Machinery Co., Ltd. has always insisted on the operation tenet of "quality premium, service upmost", has made its every effort to provide customers with services by following the principles of being practical and realistic and professional service, has taken into consideration customers' need, has taken solving of customers' problems as its own mission, and has cared for every demand of customers wholeheartedly. If you need more professional and detailed services, you can contact our relevant departments, and our colleagues will provide you with warm service.We sincerely invite agencies, regional salesmen in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Shaanxi and Shanxi as well as foreign agencies.  Contact number: 15358716028 / 18012277132 / 15371933185,WeChat: 15052896958

Our company can produce three series and multiple varieties of high-strength circular chain, compact chain, slag chain, continuous chain, mining car three-ring chain, hoisting chain, marine chain, Fishing chains, hoisting chains and accessories for various slings...

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