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Mining high-tensile round link chains

Products are mainly made of alloy steel. We strictly control the quality of raw materials and strictly monitor each stage and each link of the chain production process to control the quality of each production link. The Company produces a variety and complete grades of products. Chains suitable for the operation field are selected according to customers' demands and the actual situation. The quality of mining chains of Gelin Company has been recognized by all customers!


Mining high-tensile round link chains

Product Details

Mining Round Link Chain

Manufacture standards

The mining round link chains produced by Gelin can meet the dimension and all the mechanical performance requirements of GB/T 12718; DIN 22252 and other standards

Scope of application

The mining high-strength circular-ring chains produced by Gelin are mainly applied to coal mine scraper conveyors, loaders and coal plough

Friendly reminder

Users should choose the suitable coating and corrosion prevention methods according to the working condition and storage conditions of individual mines;

Any kind of anti-corrosion coating method may reduce the performance of chains;





Standard sizes



Inner width b1


Outer width b2

maximum value

[mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [kg/m]
22X86 22±0.7 86±0.9 26 74 9.5
24X86 24±0.7 86±0.9 28 79 11.6
26X92 26±0.8 92±0.9 30 86 13.7
30X108 30±0.9 108±1.1 34 98 18.0
34X126 34±1.0 126±1.2 38 109 22.7
38X126 38±1.1 126±1.2 42 121 30.1
38X137 38±1.1 137±1.4 42 121 29.0
42X146 42±1.1 146±1.5 46 133 36.0

Note: The surface delivery state of Green products is natural black anti-rust treatment, other requirements from customers need to be negotiated separately;

*Circular chain used in reloader, scraper conveyor, coal plow


Mining Ring Chain

Circular-ring chain with optimized strength

Grade B, C, C+, D

Based on relevant circular-ring chain manufacture standards like GB, DIN and PN, to better serve customers and meet the increasingly complex working conditions in the coal exploration wells, engineering technicians of Gelin have developed grade C+ (>900MPA) and grade D (>1050MPA) circular-ring chains. After reinforcement design, chains have higher strength and wear-resistance performance. Such high-strength chains are made of alloy materials with non-traditional manufacture process. The impact toughness will not be reduced, while achieving higher strength. Different grades of circular-ring chains are applicable to different working conditions. Especially the grade D chains have high hardness and higher tensile strength. Since the hardness is improved, chains are more sensitive to stress corrosion. They are likely to be affected by stress corrosion pits and other environments during service, so it is not suggested that they are applied in strongly corrosive environments.

Table of Strength Characteristics of Each Grade of Chain



1Depending on the mine environment and storage conditions, we offer a variety of surface treatments:

  • Mechanical stress relief enhanced protection
  • Rust-resistant protection
  • Hot dip galvanized protection
  • Anti-rust and anti-corrosion protection by surface oxidation



Note: The surface delivery status of Green products is: surface oxidation and rust prevention, corrosion resistance protection---it is a natural black rust prevention treatment method.





Mechanical behavior



Standard sizes


chain grade force

Under test force

Maximum elongation

Under breaking force

Minimum elongation

Minimum bending deflection f Minimum fatigue strength
Test force Minimum breaking force
[mm]   [kN] [kN] [%] [%] [mm] [Cycles]
  22X86   B 380 490 1.4 12 22 50 000
C 490 610 1.6 12 22 70 000
D 610 760 1.9 16 22 90 000
  24X86   B 460 570 1.4 12 24 50 000
C 580 720 1.6 12 24 70 000
D 720 900 1.9 16 24 90 000
  26X92   B 540 670 1.4 12 26 50 000
C 640 850 1.6 12 26 70 000
D 790 1060 1.9 16 26 90 000
  30X108 C 900 1130 1.6 12 30 70 000
D 1130 1410 1.9 16 30 90 000
  34X126 C 1160 1450 1.6 12 34 70 000
D 1450 1810 1.9 16 34 90 000
38X126 C 1450 1810 1.6 12 38 70 000
38X137 D 1810 2 270 1.9 16 38 90 000
42X137 C 1770 2 220 1.6 12 42 70 000
42X146 D 2 220 2 770 1.9 16 42 90 000

*Draft chains for scraper conveyors, transfer machines, and coal plows


The fatigue resistance T (number of cycles) and impact test KV[J] can meet the GB/T12718, DIN22252 and PN-G-46701 standards as well as technical conditions of Gelin.

To achieve good performance of chains in practical work, the hardness distribution at each part of chains is different.

The hardness of the arc part for both the circular-ring chain or compact chain where it meshes with the chain wheel and chain rings connect should be high enough to resist wear, and the toughness of the straight side of chain rings should be improved, so the hardness of the straight side should be a little lower than that of the arc part.


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