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Narrow-gauge vehicle single-ring chain

They are used for connecting mining circular-ring chains and compact chains as well as other connection situations. Their unique shapes decide that they can only be used as flat rings in transverse operation.


Narrow-gauge vehicle fastening and connecting chain

Product Details

According to MT244.1-2020 standard and related industry standards


For connecting narrow-gauge vehicles, it is necessary to use narrow-gauge vehicles and standard connections that meet the requirements.


Dimensions and mechanical properties

d t=P a r I Weight
[mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [kg/m]
28 280 50 25 336 4.0
30 280 50 25 340 4.6
32 280 60 30 344 5.4
36 280 60 30 352 6.2
38 280 60 30 356 7.2


The material of the connecting ring should be high-quality carbon structural steel or low-carbon alloy steel, and the steel should be spot steel

The chemical composition of the material should meet the requirements of GB/T699

Product specification mark: single link chain diameter × pitch p × inner width a


    • Narrow gauge vehicle single chai

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